As Evidenced Through Film

As mentioned, I have not been happy with my Canon and Holga lens combination. I just got my first roll of film back from the lab, and am very pleased with what I see. (I must add that after lots of Internet research, I picked this lab because of their pricing, patience with me (still much to learn about film) and how easy they make it to send in your film. Plus their scanning services are the cheapest I have found without compromising quality).

For a film camera that does not have a lens nor a viewfinder, I think this first shot came out pretty good! My first impression is that film is so much more forgiving than a digital camera’s sensor. There are pitfalls when dealing with long exposures in both mediums, that is guaranteed, but I really like not having to worry about a hot sensor producing digital noise.

This photo is a 30 minute exposure taken in the evening two weeks ago, taken on Kodak Ektar 100 film, shot in a dimension of 6mm x 12mm.



  1. I don’t comment much because I know very little about photography, but your wonderful photos have brought back so many memories. I haven’t been back to L.I. in 42 years!!

    • Hi GPcox! I am glad you started following. You don’t need to know much about photography to appreciate what you see, and I am honored that you like my works. I grew up in Farmingdale and then moved to Plattsburgh, NY near the Canadian Border (yes, near the airbase).

      Moved back to the island in 2000 and while there are many problems here, these photos offers an insight to why I stay. I love the beaches. I am glad you can feel like home again.

      Cheers my friend,


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