I guess I am defocusing my blog a bit. Yes, this blog will always be primarily about my pinhole shots, but I think I have the urge to share some of my other works right about now. I just finished matting over 90 of my photos for an upcoming fine art/craft show and was forced to revisit many of my older pieces again. It was a great homecoming. And I was reminded why I fell in love with photography in the first place. Because of the stories you can tell.

One story telling technique that I love to employ is Defocusing the lens. Pretty challenging technique, actually. It is more than just shooting out of focus. If you focus your lens too much you will capture nothing but blurry photos risking head aches for your audience. Turn it too little and life is still too representational and boring. Get it just right and a whole new story begins…

Here are some that I have shot and actually still quite like. The are shot digitally, with a Canon 5D and some various prime lenses.



  1. I rather like the notion of ‘defocusing’ the lens. I’ve tried these shots in the past without much success. Not nearly as nice as the ones you’ve shared above that’s for sure. Another technique I like to do from time to time is putting the shutter on bulb mode and walking as I take a photograph, creates another kind of defocused image.

  2. These shots can go bad, fast. Surrounding environment is definitely key in making compelling photos and some patience. Unlike film, I can shoot up to 30 snaps before I am satisfied with just one. Would walking with bulb be sort of Intentional Camera Movement? I guess, right? I never tried it walking. Thanks for the tip J! Thanks for the kind words, too, about these pics.

  3. elmediat

    Beautiful compositions. I find “the Miners Return” & ” Who Do You Love” particularly striking & dramatic. For me, the dark silhouette & stairway shots are very atmospheric & memorable. I am listening to some contemporary tango music right now and the pieces I mentioned really fit the music – El Anden – Bajofondo Tangoclub con Mala Rodriguez . 🙂

    • Thank you for your time elmediat. The Miners Return is, without doubt, my all time favorite shot I ever took. I have used this image often and have sold a few copies of it. I love when music fits an image – thanks for sharing that!

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